Visiting Artists

Her Home, Your House, by Ashley Devan
Paper and Mixed Media
4.25 x 3 x 0.25 in
Ashley Devan - Artist Statement The imagery in my artwork is inspired mainly by mythology, folklore, traditional stories, and the female roles within them. My artwork draws on the atmosphere created when women come together as a community, physically or metaphorically. I seek to explore the unspoken feeling that connects women like an elemental force of nature to one another. I am intrigued and inspired by the unique ways women interact consciously or unconsciously with other women. Myth and story are the vessels through which I communicate these ideas. I feel strongly connected to the nature and process of my artmaking. My interest in the process includes my work with handmade paper and book arts. I am intrigued by the hands-on nature of bookbinding. I am attracted to the materiality of artist books, and I enjoy choosing different fabrics and papers to communicate with the images and content of the work. Because I am interested in literature, I like to use the artist-book format to create images composed in a story-like way to form a narrative.