Sharon Crumley

In The Folds 2
Mixed Media on Paper
10 x 10 in
My work is about self-expression. Since early childhood working with my hands to create something from fabric scraps and found things, gave me so much pleasure and excitement. From doll clothes to my clothes, I began sewing clothing in my teen years and that evolved into creating artwork in my later years. Brightly colored textiles and painted paper have played a prominent role in my art. Layering brightly colored painted paper and handmade paper evolved into an interest in abstract expression even though not all of my work is abstract. My process is non- conventional, I create what inspires me at the moment. There is no limitation to one medium, style, or concept… ideas and inspiration are always present. Each piece created is an extension of past work and a preview of future work. My style is evolving into work that includes an intuitive script, that allows the viewer to integrate themselves into the interpretation of the work, and that interpretation of the the script is the eye of the viewer. Some ideas come from dreams and there is always room for happy accidents. My the objective is to give the viewer the latitude to feel free to provide their interpretation of what they see.