A Change of season always makes me feel more creative. The harsh summer temps begin to soften into slightly cooler breezes, and we begin to imagine and plan the upcoming holiday season: The scents, the goodies, and the sounds of parties and family gatherings. And thus, the decorating begins.


We decorate the front door, the outside of the house, and the table. We don't always consider art. Many people never move their art once it is placed in a particular spot. I want to encourage you to imagine a change. Rotating your art or changing it out now and then can stir up positive energy and big smiles in your home! A little change is good now and then, so go for it; there is no right or wrong as long as you enjoy yourself and buy what makes you happy! Adding seasonal art is a fun way to create that festive mood and can rotate out like your other decor. There are even creative ways to work with smaller spaces; it can sound crazy, but an expert in smaller space decorating suggests stashing a smaller work under a larger one! How's that for space-saving decor?! It could work.  


We hope you'll allow yourself to own some fun seasonal art, whether for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall in general, Christmas, or any other time of year--you'll love a refreshing new view!

Find some seasonal works in our artist galleries on the exhibition page, Seasons.


Enjoy the season!

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