The Intoxicating Show

Thank you for visiting the exhibition! Listed are the award categories, winners, and our judge's commentary! We'd like to thank our judge for this show, Laurianne Love, Director of the Roswell Visual Arts Center for playing to our humor bones with these awards.
Most Intoxicating (Best In Show): Jessica Cook, Secrets
Three Olives (Classiest Drink): Susan Pelham, Yesterday
Tipsy Award (Wittiest): Wade Lincoln, Le Café Absurde
Best Mixer (Honorable Mention): Jaya Saxena, Love Drunk
Best Chaser (Honorable Mention): Sharmila Roy, Favorite Cosmo
Most Intoxicating (Best In Show): Jessica Cook, Secrets: A lovely gauzy, dreamy quality, like a faded memory. This piece invites the viewer to question what the story is. The body language indicates intimacy and secrets. So sensitively rendered.
Three Olives (Classiest Drink): Yesterday, Susan Pelham: Intoxication is evident in the subject by the use of two very different eyes. It’s a boozy feeling for sure. The drink stands tall, perfect, and cold, just beyond her reach. I love the repetitious shapes in her eyes, the flower centers, and lips.
Tipsy Award (Wittiest Painting): Wade Lincoln, Le Café Absurde: Wonderful fun use of images from different artists throughout history. This painting would make a fun party game or activity in an art classroom. The artist is so cheeky to include his own name on the list!
Best Mixer (Honorable Mention): Love Drunk, Jaya Saxena; a lovely fuzzy vision. Color combinations are intoxicating, I love the scribbles and inclusions that invite speculation.
The Chaser (Honorable Mention): Sharmila Roy, Favorite Cosmo: The orange is glowing, so inviting. I love the combination with the buzzy hummingbird, his glossy green coat.