Visiting Artists

Memento Mori, by Danny Simanjaya
Mixed media on paper, framed
11 x 14 x 1 in
Tempus Fugit, Memento Mori is a Latin phrase meaning Times Fly, Remember Death. It reminds us that Life is short, life is beautiful and we oughta enjoy and celebrate it. Bacchus(Roman) or Dionysus(Greek) is the God of Wine and Intoxication he’s a giver of the ultimate bliss. The skeleton Jester is a mortal who constantly experiencing moments of joy and sorrow throughout his lifetime. Hi, My name is Danny Simanjaya I am an Atlanta-based artist and a musician. When it comes to art, I'm a very eclectic and diverse person. My art style changes from time to time depending on the moods and the energy that surrounds me at that moment. In my spare time, I love sculpting, painting, drawing, airbrushing, playing piano, guitar, cello, singing, etc. I am a jack of all trades when it comes to art. This piece is in our March show, Intoxicating.