Applications are being accepted now for the Handmade Holiday Art and Craft Show.



Roswell Visual Arts Center

10495 Woodstock Rd, Roswell, GA 30075


Show dates:
Friday, November 18, 5 - 8 pm
Saturday, November 19, 10 am - 4 pm



All work must be handmade; no resale goods are allowed.

Acceptable Mediums: Any media, except violent and pornographic subject matter, will be considered. Children will attend this show, so please keep it PG.


Booth info:

$100 Standard Booth comes with one 3x6' table: Size is approximately 8' wide plus some area in front of the table, about 5' (there will only be one wall in each booth to hang signage or art; behind you.) You may also place your table perpendicular to the wall and bring additional setup items, such as a standard print rack. Artists needing floor display for sculptures may forfeit their supplied 6' table to utilize the space.

Booths must be attended in person by the artist or a representative for the show's duration. Artists will handle their sales. No gallery commission will be taken.


$110+15% of sales: Unattended Booth: A few booths are available for unattended status, where artists may set up but aren't required to be at the show. (Exceptions: Jewelers and anyone with very small items are precluded from reserving unattended booths.) The gallery will handle all sales and pay the artists after the show is completed. The gallery will take 15% of all sales.


$50 Art Gallery area: There will be an art gallery wall at the show for fine art. Artists are not required to be present for the entire show in this area. The quantity of art is more limited (up to 10 pieces depending on the size.) Gallery will take 15% of sales.


Booth Fees:

Standard Booth: $100

Unattended Booth: $150 (Plus 15% commission.)

Gallery wall only: $50 (Plus 15% commission.)


Drop off and set up dates:

Thursday, November 17,  12-3 pm

Friday, November 18, 11:30-2:00 pm (show begins at 5 pm.)

Artists must set up their booths by Friday at 2 pm and take them down at the close of the show Saturday at 4 pm.


Please send images of your product and include a booth set up to:


AVE Gallery, The Roswell Visual Arts Center, and its affiliates take no responsibility for missing or damaged artwork during the show.